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Rabid Baboon

ASCII Dungeon Shooter

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ASCII Dungeon Shooter is a simple, high action and difficult 2d top down shooter. You are in a dungeon full of monsters and turrets and your goal is to escape with your life, but to do that you will have to find the key to unlock the door to get out. Along the way you can find new weapons like a shotgun, rocket launcher, grenades and mines as well as health kits to heal your wounds.

Download at www.rabiddesignstudios.com

What's new in beta 5 - 2/2/2011
8 new levels
new weapons - machine gun and laser gun
new pickups - engery and bullet ammo
added unlocked maps of total maps to map select screen
added difficulty selection
removed player lives
player takes no damage when teleporting
added player sprinting
increased item drop rate
double ammo amount in drops
added auto weapon switch
added level name to minimap
added grenade sprite
added in game help
added pop up text for ammo and health pickups


Rabid Baboon

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It doesn't seem to work for me. It crashes everytime I complete the 1st level.

Was looking good apart from that :-)

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Hehe cool;)

Looks more like an ASCII-stylised game than the actual thing. It's a W.I.P. so it's obvious it's not perfect, but here's what I would love to see sorted:
- main character could animate while turning etc.
- I managed to quickly beat 5 levels or so just by holding SHIFT and running my way through - the way you move needs sorting out in general

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Thanks for the replies.

@rachoac - linux build isn't going to happen unless there is a why to run xna on linux. sorry :(

It was a pure ascii char game but then I changed the art to be made only of ascii chars instead of just singles chars.

Player movement isn't totally finished and the first 5-6 levels are easy and can be run through if you want.

What do you mean by player animate while turning?

thanks for your guys input.

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