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Draw Primitive Issue

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Hey guys!
Shouldn't I be able to see a triangle on the screen?

This piece of code is a test project, so I have no framework.
(classes/ custom library )

It compiles fine, but I don't see a triangle on the screen.

I posted it @ Codepad:

Thanks in advance!

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Getting the first triangle on the screen is often the hardest part :P

It could be back face culling... although i don't see where you set up your projection matrix?

What i would seriously recomend is grabbing some code such as the code at this place:


that has a working example of rendering a tutorial to the screen in directx, then i would start working from there.

Seriously getting the first triangle on screen can really be a pain :P

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Another likely culprit is that you haven't disabled lighting:

By default lighting is on so without a light source defined, everything appears black.

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Hey everyone! Thank you very much for the replies.
Curiously, all of you were right! lol
It was the backface culling, the lightning and the projection matrix
Also, I made a very stupid mistake, that was really compromising the whole exercise.
I was calling EndScene(); AFTER Present( NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
I suddenly noticed that the DX was not clearing the screen (tried changing the color) and I was really confused, as I thought it was something with the init stuff.
Now I see the triangle!
Thank you all again!!!

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