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Cannot compile cg shader

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I have the following cg shader (from the Ogre website):

void main_plain_texture_vp(
// Vertex Inputs
float4 position : POSITION, // Vertex position in model space
float2 texCoord0 : TEXCOORD0, // Texture UV set 0

// Outputs
out float4 oPosition : POSITION, // Transformed vertex position
out float2 uv0 : TEXCOORD0, // UV0

// Model Level Inputs
uniform float4x4 worldViewProj)
// Calculate output position
oPosition = mul(worldViewProj, position);

// Simply copy the input vertex UV to the output
uv0 = texCoord0;

void main_plain_texture_fp(
// Pixel Inputs
float2 uv0 : TEXCOORD0, // UV interpolated for current pixel

// Outputs
out float4 color : COLOR, // Output color we want to write

// Model Level Inputs
uniform sampler2D texture) // Texture we're going to use
// Just sample texture using supplied UV
color = tex2D(texture, uv0);

when I compile it through the commandline (using Cg Toolkit 2.2) on windows 7 I get:

(0) : error C3001: no program defined
32 lines, 1 errors.

Any ideas? Is there someway of getting better error into when using cgc?

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you didn't specify a profile and an entry function. Try
cgc -profile vs_2_0 -entry main_plain_texture_vp
cgc -profile ps_2_0 -entry main_plain_texture_fp

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At least these two opening parenthesis were never closed:
Original post by mlt
void main_plain_texture_vp( <-- never closed
void main_plain_texture_fp( <-- never closed

There is a missing ')' somewhere.
Prob one just before fragment shader and one at the end.

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