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unmanaged dll debugging

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heey all,

I'm creating an .NET wrapper for a unmanaged library I wrote.
The problem is that I'm having trouble debugging the code. If I set breakpoints in the library to see if the parameters from the .NET wrapper are pass right, the debugger never breaks at them.

How can I get these breakpoints to work?

I'm using visual studio 2010

The setup looks like this:
Test .NET application -> "TestNetApp.exe" - uses the classes from "Fluid.net.dll"
.Net Wrapper library -> "Fluid.net.dll" - Call's the C wrapper functions using P/invoke
Unmanaged C++ glue code library -> "FluidDotMetWrapper.dll" - Defines C wrapper functions .NET can call and work with ("Object_new", "Object_DoSomething" like functions).
UnmangedLibrary -> "Fluid2.dll" - The dll with the classes and functions I want to expose to .NET

thanks in advance,

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