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Naughts & Crosses AI (java)

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TLDR: Good way of implementing AI for naughts and crosses
(TLDR = to long didn't read)

Hey, I am making a simple naughts and crosses game using Java and the swing toolkit but I'm having a problem with developing the AI.

I need for someone to suggest a better way of implementing it as how i am doing it now just isn't working.

You click on a box to move and a X appears in that box and a boolean value is set so we can tell that someones moved in that box. Then the AI function i made is called which generates a random number using the '.nextInt(9)' and assigns it to generatedINT variable.

It then runs through a long while statement which see's if a box is free E.G.

while((generatedINT == 1 && box1taken == true) || generatedInt == 2 && box2take..

So on through all the 9 available boxes if the generatedINT corresponding box is taken i made it generate a new number then i assume it runs the while loop an till it generates a number which can go in a free box, i then use a switch statement after this to deiced what box to put 'Y' in. But i run it click on a box X comes up and then like 3 Y's all at once and sometimes not even one Y :S

TLDR: Good way of implementing AI for naughts and crosses
(TLDR = to long didnt read)

FIXED: I wasent 'break;' ing out my switch statement, opps. Still let me know if theres a better way of implementing this

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