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3D Modeling Software for creating 2D old-school sprites

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Hello everyone,
I'm working on the buildings of my 2D strategy game. I want them to have neat edges but I can't find any drawing/modeling software fitting my needs.
Here are some examples of what kind of graphics I'm talking about:

I could draw them in full pixel art but I want to be free to change the view later. I'd rather like to use a simple 3D modeler combined with a pixel art rendering. Ideally, the modeler would allow me to paint directly pixels on the 3D surfaces instead of loading external textures.
World Creator might be a good choice but there is no trial version anymore. Do you have any other suggestions?

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I've found better examples of the kind of render I want:

It should be possible to get the same results using any renderer with interpolation settings, even if I'm a bit skeptical about the way it will scale the texture when the model is scaled.
Anyway, I'm still looking for good tools helping me to simplify the workflow. I don't want to use distinct over-powerfull tools for such a simple task, i.e. one tool for modeling, another one for rendering, and yet another one for texture editing. 3D painting tools such as 3D-coat, Argile and Tatoo are not suited for pixel art painting.

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You can do this in any 3d package, I'd use 3D Studio MAX or Cinema 4D but Maya or Blender should do fine as well for example. Just model your, well, model, create a roughly 64x64 or 128x128 sized texture in "pixel art style", uvw unwrap the model and slap the texture on there (direct painting of pixels will probably not work the way you want it to, to the best of my knowledge at least). Then use the built-in renderer, deactivate anti-aliasing and activate standard lighting (meaning you get a default even lighting - some programs do that automatically when there are no lights around) and render it out in proper perspective. Don't forget to set your camera to orthogonal projection so that it doesn't distort your rendered sprites. For proper isometric perspective you want to have 45 degrees yaw and 30 degrees pitch for your camera.

I haven't checked this tutorial series out but it claims to explain how to do it in Blender (which is free): TUTORIAL SERIES.

You can also check that forum's low-spec art section out for tons of other inspiration in the same style.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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