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write RGB8 values at RGBA16 buffer(unsigned 64bit). PLZ help me :-)

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hello guys~
I need your help for my recently work. plz give me a tip. :-)
sorry about my poor english.

I attempted to write two values( Diffuse;lit and Illumination;add) at one 64bit unsigned Render Target(D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16) in DX9.
for each two value assign to 8bit. and save to one channel. It's possible 'cause It's Unsigned 16 bit per component of RGBA.

I use multiplication or division by 256 as Bit Shift. Because Can't use Bit Operator( << and >>) at DX9.

=== HLSL code of Write pass: ===

// Convert to 0~255 Unsigned Int
// 00000000 CCCCCCCC
int3 vDiffuseUint = output.color.rgb * 255.0f;
vDiffuseUint = clamp( vDiffuseUint, 0, 255);
// Bit Shift
// CCCCCCCC 00000000
vDiffuseUint *= 256;

// 00000000 AAAAAAAA
int3 vAddUint = vAdd * 255.0f;
vAddUint = clamp( vAddUint, 0, 255);

// Accumulate
int3 vCompressedUint = vDiffuseUint + vAddUint;
// Convert to 0~1 float
OutPut = (float3)vCompressedUint / ( 65535.0f);

=== HLSL code of Read pass: ===

// Comvert to unsigned Int
int3 vReadColorUint = saturate(vReadColor) * ( 65535.0f);

// Bit Shift
// 00000000 CCCCCCCC
int3 vDiffuseUint = vReadColorUint / 256;
// Bit UnShift
// CCCCCCCC 00000000
int3 vDiffuseUintUnShift = vDiffuseUint * 256;

// Get AddClr
// - CCCCCCCC 00000000
// = 00000000 AAAAAAAA
int3 vAddUint = 0;
vAddUint = vReadColorUint - vDiffuseUintUnShift;

// convert to float. and use this value as result OutPut.
vReadColor = (float3)vDiffuseUint / 255.0f;
vAddColor = (float3)vAddUint / 255.0f;

It works!!!!!! Pretty good.
but damn Geforce 7600 T_T. Error in Geforce 7xxx and lower model. I'll try to check Radeons.

Fundamentally, Why this happen?!?! Why symptoms are different for each H/W?
How can i scan standards( Caps, Query, and so on...)?

Give me a piece of hint please.
God bless you.

[Edited by - ozkill on December 30, 2010 6:45:51 AM]

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