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FreeImage Issue

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I fixed the image lading error, never mind.
What i realized, was that in my image loader, bpp, pr bit depth was wrong.
When I modified img loading code to a .png loader instead from .bmp loader,
forgot to change the GL_RGB bit in glTexImage2D ( ) call, to GL_RGBA, which is under .png's bit depth.

I further modified the code, so that it would load any file format, and any file type, while also accouting for change in file type, by changing bit depth in function:

bool generate_bitmap_t ( FREE_IMAGE_FORMAT fileformat, const char *filename, int filetype )
FIBITMAP *imgDataPtr;
imgDataPtr = FreeImage_Load ( fileformat, filename, filetype );

int bit_number;

// :-: convert image depth based on filetype
switch ( filetype )
case 0 : bit_number = GL_RGB; break; //:-:type 0's are 24bit "rgb"
case 1 : bit_number = GL_RGBA; break; //:-:type 0's are 32bit "rgba"

glGenTextures ( 1, &bitmapID );
glBindTexture ( GL_TEXTURE_2D, bitmapID );
glTexImage2D ( GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, 3, FreeImage_GetWidth ( imgDataPtr ), FreeImage_GetHeight ( imgDataPtr ), 0, bit_number, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, FreeImage_GetBits ( imgDataPtr ) );
return true;

[Edited by - GMA965_X3100 on December 29, 2010 2:28:38 AM]

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Does your code work for pngs?
Im having problems with those. Freeimage reads the png and stores correct rgb values except when theres a transparent color. I read the image data and the 4th bit the alpha is always 0.
When the color is completely transparent the r g and b are 255. What gives its a transparent png file exported from photoshop.

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