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Unity Game Project Directory Structure

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Hi all!

Just wondering what type of directory structure you're using these days for indie, small team game development.

I've got a small office setup (Mac, PC, PC laptop, NAS). Programmer works remotely. Audio engineer and an artist drop into the office every now and then but tend to work remotely 75% of the time.

Projects are not data heavy, so a Dropbox account works fine for remote access and (lite) version control. We're also using teamworkpm.net and skype to manage project communication and documentation.

Finally, tools are photoshop, unity3d, flash, cinema4d/Max, after effects, illustrator, soundbooth, excel.


I'm looking for a structure that is simple and that would make backing up critical files easiest.

Would love to hear your thoughts as well as what tools your using.


Here is a prelim directory structure cobbled together from the web and my own thoughts.


Underscored directory names are likely to be kept out of the dropbox share, or unused (client-provided materials for example if your team mainly works on original IP).

Also note that some folders are placed on the same level for convenience, for example: bitmaps, fonts, GUI and vectors. ...it is likely that elements in the bitmap, font and vector folders will wind up in GUI. And fonts can be in bitmap or vector forms...

Builds are placed into folders with date and version.

Much of this layout comes from another website, can't remember the name at the moment - will post it when I do - I thought it was a good starting place for discussion. Also, this format might need some modification to work with tools that 'require' a particular directory structure.

Please ignore the asterisks. Couldn't figure out how to get spacing/indentation to work.

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