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D3D10 question

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I am currently writing a simple Tic-Tac-Toe D3D program (for a project in uni).
I have a weird problem with the D3D Buffer.
Here's a small explanation of what I'm trying to do:

My program consists of a 'for' loop which draws 16 points in even intervals in order to form a large square consisting of 9 smaller squares which are the spaces I will use for the X & O inputs. So far I've managed to draw the board succesfully and I used a LINELIST topology to draw the lines that outline the board. It's all good, but I have a small problem. I have an extra point in the middle of the board which messes everything up.

I don't have much programming practice and it might be something really simple but I can't seem to find what makes it draw that extra point.

heres a screenshot:


Thanks in advance

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Seems like you're drawing more points than you have, going past the end of the buffer, or similar. How does it look like if you set the vertex-count in your Draw call to 2? 4? 2 less than what you have now?
If you try those you should be able to find which line has the faulty coordinate, and debug it from there.

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