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heh in my teaching manual for a class it mentions floppy drives as a storage medium. This material is from 2008 which makes it hilarious. It's like they append a new date without paying attention to if the material is horribly out of date. I feel like keeping a floppy drive just to shock people. "Sorry I'm late for the presentation! Yeah I brought the powerpoint. It was large so I chained 6 floppies together. Problem?"

Also I don't know about your guys but I didn't hear about a zip drive until like the beginning of university when I got a job and found a zip drive reader in the back of a utility closet. "What is this piece of archaic technology?" My boss: "You see this was a form of data storage like the floppy disk. The university never really supported them. It could store a few 100 MB..." Apparently they never caught on in my high school since I never saw them.

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