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Python help please?

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Hello again, everyone!

So I've just started using RenPy (www.renpy.org) and I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into it, but I want to create a game that has a little more depth than just "click, read, click, read, rinse, repeat." Some of the more interesting RenPy-built games that I've been playing have systems like stat tracking (strength - 10, stress - 30, coolness - 5, etc.) and relationship meters (this person likes you 80% and this person likes you 30%, and so forth). I'm guessing these are what RenPy refers to as"dynamic displayables".

Things like this (relationship meter)

And this (stat tracker)

I'm assuming that systems like this were programmed using Python's language as opposed to the simplistic RenPy. I tried checking out the script for a couple of these games but didn't know where to begin looking for that specific bit of code or I couldn't even access it. My question is if anyone knows how to write that kind of script in and can help me out with it or knows where I can find a good example of that kind of code for me to learn from.

I'm going to email Tycoon Games (tycoongames.eu) to see if they can help me as well but I frankly don't expect them to reply.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :D

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