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First Version of my 2D RPG

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I would like to announce the first version of my game called Terra Aegrus, Rise of the Lich King

Here is a link to this zip file: TerraAegrus 2 Zip File
(it's around [s]80MB[/s] 50MB, where 80% is music (.ogg) files... I haven't gotten around in making them smaller, but if download size is an issue I can start doing that tonight.)

It's a single-player, medieval, tiled, 2D RPG, written in C#.
It's only the first version, and there are known bugs, but it should be stable enough for a wider audience to try now.

Here is a link to my website: GrayCoreSoftware
Here are few screenshots:




I did all the coding, but I got help with the artwork and music:
Chapter Graphics, Main Title: By [color="#006400"]AFM Games: www.afmgames.com
Lich Wanted Dead or Alive: By [color="#006400"]Michael Moon,[email="zerofresh@gmail.com"]zerofresh@gmail.com[/email]
World Map Tiles: By [color="#006400"]The Inquisitor, RMXP Outdoor Tileset, at `http://www.rpg-palace.com` or `http://rjanes.co.uk/`
Character Animations: By [color="#006400"]antifarea: http://antifarea.deviantart.com/ [email="hyperiria@hotmail.com"]hyperiria@hotmail.com[/email]
Monster Animations and Weapons and Armor: By [color="#006400"]Zhebb: [email="misterherman@yahoo.com"]misterherman@yahoo.com[/email]
Character Portraits and Town Animations: By [color="#006400"]First Seed Material: http://www.tekepon.net/fsm

Created by [color="#006400"]Milan Cizek `http://www.soundclic...?member=milanus`
Some sound tracks were used from Terra Aegrus 1, and those were created by [color="#006400"]Melissa. You can check out her website here: `http://fancyanimals.net/music`

Sound Engine:
Powered by [color="#006400"]irrKlang http://www.ambiera.com/irrklang (A sound library used to play .wav and .ogg files.)

Again, here is the link: TerraAegrus 2 Zip File

I created a forum on my website to enter any bugs or feedback, so feel free to try it out and let me know what you think.


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Cool, reminds me of some old Heroes of Might and Magic in a way, moving 'one step at a time' feels a bit awkward though. Oh, and I didn't hear a single sound

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Thanks for trying it out! I left the sound and music off by default. Damn.

You can turn on both sound and music by clicking on the Sound Options and enabling both of them.

In the mean time I will upload a new version which has them enabled by default.


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I reduced the size of the game by 30MB (from 80MB to 50MB) just by reducing the bitrate of the ogg files. Some people suggested I do this to make this game faster to download...

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