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Just an ideal

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[size="4"]Hey people just got an ideal for a game cool.gif(hope I post this in the right place. If not plz movemellow.gif) it will be the greatest mmorpg ever was created tongue.gif j/k lol. It a fighting game Called Prime-a-verse now it not one of the greatest ideal blink.gif but it a start. Their might been some bad grammar and I just got started on it as well. Also not a programmer or a game designer but want to be that why im on this site trying to learn as much as i can.

[size="6"]Prime-a-verse Tournament

[font="Symbol"][size="5"]· [/font][size="5"]Fighting Game

[font="Symbol"][size="5"]· [/font][size="5"]Players 2 – 4

[font="Symbol"][size="5"]· [/font][size="5"]2D or 2.5D

[font="Symbol"][size="5"]· [/font][size="5"]20 – 30 playable character

[font="Symbol"][size="5"]· [/font][size="5"]Custom players

[font="Symbol"][size="5"]· [/font][size="5"]Story mode

[font="Symbol"][size="5"]· [/font][size="5"]Vs mode

[font="Symbol"][size="5"]· [/font][size="5"]Online mode (maybe)

[size="4"]P.T.is a tournament that is located within the first ever universe that was createdand also has the Creator of all life within it as well. Many fighters andwarriors from many different universes come to the P.T. to prove their strengthsand have a chance to become an immortal and live forever in parades within the prime-a-verse.A new tournament has started and warriors from the many universes have gatheredto have a chance to become the greatest mega-verse fighter!

Anyway that it for now just let me know what you'll think of it. don't hold back please and if anybody want to pick this up go right ahead just let me know. smile.gif

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