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DX11 [SlimDX] 50% framerate lost when passing from DX10 to DX11

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Hi all.

I've set my engine to be able to use DX10 and DX11 now. The translation was pretty simple and i did it in just a couple of minutes with minor changes because both APIs are very similar.

Rendering thousands of quads using DraIndexed i had 140 fps with DX10 and my CPU time was like 20% for ConstantBuffer updates and only 5% for DrawIndexed calls.

Now, with the same scenario in DX11 i get only 70 fps and the strange thing is that 70% of my CPU time goes to the DrawIndexed calls which was a very cheap call with DX10.

Why is that?

It's a lot more expensive a DrawIndexed call in DX11 (SlimDX11)? I don't think so.

I am running the program in windows Vista. Could that be the reason?

Any idea? ^^

Another information:
I have a ATI 4800 series videocard (dx11 compatible).
I use no blendstate information in shaders. I do it all setting the DeviceContext.

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Well... i found the reason of this "mistery".

While making my engine multiple API capable i turned ON the DEBUG mode for the GRAPHICS DEVICE time ago and i just forgot that.

In second place, it looks like microsoft has improved "a lot" the debug tasks in the Draw calls :D.

Because of that improvement (with the debug mode on), the DX11 Draw calls were consuming a lot more than the DX10 ones and this is why i was getting 50% framerate with DX11.


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