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Digital Armada Outsource Services

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[font="Arial"][color="#000000"]Hello Game Developers.

Digital Armada is a outsourcing art solution for the international game industry. We can work around most budgets while maintaining number one quality for any size project.[/font] [font="Arial"][color="#000000"]

Please feel free to visit our website at [/font] [font="Arial Black"][color="#000000"][font="Arial"]Digital Armada . You can also contact us at [email="contact@digitalarmada.com"]contact@digitalarmada.com[/email][/font]

[font="Arial"]Our list of services:[/font][/font]

[color="#4169e1"] 2D ART

Concept Art


Cover artwork

Storyboard development


[font="Arial"][color="#4169e1"]3D MODELING[/font]

[font="Arial"]Game ready real-time models for high-performance usage[/font]



[font="Arial"]In- & outdoor environments[/font]




[font="Arial"]Plugin & Tool Development for 3Ds Max[/font]

[font="Arial"]Plugin & Tool Development for Lightwave 3D[/font]

[font="Arial"]Plugin & Tool Development for Maya[/font]

[font="Arial"][color="#4169e1"]2D/3D TEXTURING[/font]

[font="Arial"]All sorts of common texture types including high-end next-gen mapping[/font]

[font="Arial"]Highly optimized UV layout for in-game useage[/font]

[font="Arial"][color="#4169e1"]RIGGING & ANIMATION[/font]

[font="Arial"]Traditional 3D animation[/font]

[font="Arial"]Handling of motion capture data[/font]

[font="Arial"]Guidance and supervision of motion capture sessions[/font]

[font="Arial"]Production ready rig setup and skinning[/font]

[font="Arial"]Broadcast graphic creation design[/font]

[font="Arial"][color="#4169e1"]CINEMATICS, FMV's & RENDER ASSETS[/font]

[font="Arial"]FMV productions from sketch to final post production[/font]

[font="Arial"]Extreme high resolution 3D assets for PR and print usage[/font]

[font="Arial"][color="#4169e1"]SOUND DESIGN & SOUND FX[/font]

[font="Arial"]Music Composition[/font]

[font="Arial"]Sound FX[/font]

[font="Arial"]Voice acting[/font]


[font="Arial"]Screen writing TV/Trailers/Feature film[/font]

[font="Arial"]General copy[/font]



[font="Arial"][color="#4169e1"]WEB DESIGN[/font]




[font="Arial Black"][color="#000000"][font="Arial"] Flash[/font]

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