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I have taken a semester course in C++ last spring using Ivor Horton''s Biginning VC++. I read more than I needed to know for the class. I also have bought and partially read Petzolds Programming Windows and have an understanding of Win32 event driven programs. I just bought Lamothe''s Tricks of the Windows Game programming. Does the CD contain all I need to use DirectX? It says it contains the complete DX SDK. It doesn''t say which version though. I don''t need to get anything else do I? I''m afraid to remove the CD since I don''t know if its a keeper yet. From what I''ve read the book content looks good. One thing is the book expects you to know the more advance features of VC++, like changing the compiler settings. It also expects you to know some assembly language. I don''t know crap about all the little options with VC++ since Biginning VC++ didn''t teach much. I can''t even figure out how to link in the DirectX files or change the search path. Andre says "read the manual". The MSDN Library? Are you kidding? It''s just a mass of confusion. A manual with actual chapters would be nice. Of course I can''t actually try without opening the CD. I''m sorry if this was too long. I''m really looking forward to actually being able to do something. Even a really simple program. Just answer as many of my questions as you want. Thanks. Marshall

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I am not sure if I am right, but the DirectX on the CD is directX seven which should be okay.

The book is okay and has taught me a thing or two. You are not expected to know assembly, LeMothe only throws it in there as an optimisation trick for speeding up the memcpy() function. He does not really teach assembler in there.

If you are eventually code DirectX games or programs then you will be expected to change certain settings in your compiler because you will have to set Directories to look for your library files.

LeMothe''s book tells you how to set up the DirectX SDK in the beginning of his book and on the CD too. His book also gives you a template program that sets the mode to 640x480 with 8 Bit colours and sets the screen to full screen, so you don''t have to worry about writing so much window intialisation code.

The book is a good read because it offers more than DirectX reading but on game design and rasterisarion. At least read the book before opening the CD. But let me tell you, if you ever wanna code in DirectX you must take the steps to setting up the compiler, it''s not that hard once you follow the instructions clearly. Dont worry about it.

That Petzolds book is very advanced and tells you about creating windows and managing menus and controls. All LeMothes book does is:

* Sets up a window
* Puts it in fullscreen and specifies colour mode
* Initialise Direct X

Have a read and decide.

It''s confusing at first but stick with it, you''ll be fine

I hope I have helped

Dark Star

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