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Smooth Scrolling, whats wrong here?

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well, i''m trying to implement smooth scrolling, i.e. tiles move smoothly and not "jumping" so:
	int SmoothX, SmoothY;//this is how much to actually move the map

	SmoothY=dy%TILEHEIGHT; // grr, the problem

	int DeltaX, DeltaY;//this is how much whole tiles to change

	if (DeltaY%2) DeltaY++;// this is to fix a "snake prob" ill xpand later

	int ScreenX, ScreenY;
	for (int CountY=0;CountY<47;CountY++) {


		for (int CountX=0;CountX<12;CountX++) {
			if (CountY%2) {
			} else {
//i know, for future reference: logicalmapx=-DeltaX+CountX logicalmapy=-DeltaY+CountY

it work "smoothly" for the x axis, but for the y axis theres a "jumping" problem. i know its bcoz i fixed the snake prob, but dunno how to fix tha fix. i know how i sound, but its 4:44am here Gil p.s. snake prob: since my map isnt diamond, a column goes zigzag like staggered tilemaps (TANSTAAFL''s book abt isometrix). so this line is to fix a prob where the zigzag mirrors. p.p.s gotta get some sleep, plz help whoever reads so far and i''m not awake... i''m not making any sense now, am i?

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hmm.. methinks that ScreenY=(CountY*TILEHEIGHT); should be after the nested loop, not before. hope dat helps

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