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Temporal Wars 3D Game Engine for XNA

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Berben    110
Hi All!

Been working on the following XNA game engine for the past 3 years…




Contains the following features;

[list][*] Per-pixel dynamic lighting[*] Normal occlusion mapping[*] Reflection handling[*] Powerful explosions, fire, and smoke particle systems[*] Glow post processing effect[*] Bloom post processing effect[*] Guassian Blur post processing effect[*] Powerful Shadow-Engine[/list]


[b]World Editing Tools[/b]

[list][*] Terrain “Height-Tool”[*] Terrain “Paint-Tool”[*] Terrain “Item-Tool”[*] Terrain “Property Tool”[/list]

[b]AI Behaviors
[list][*] Aligned[*] Arrive[*] Cohesion[*] Flee[*] Follow Path[*] Obstacle Avoidance[*] Offset Pursuit[*] Seek[*] Turn-To-Face[*] Orientation[*] Wander[/list][b]


Available RTS Components[/b]

[list][*] 3-Thread A* Pathfinding engine[*] Minimap component[*] Statusbar component[*] Fog-Of-War component[/list]

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