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struct and class !!!

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A quick question if you will. Ive often seen structs used exactly like classes , i.e. with Constructors and Destructors etc. I always see it for Vector code. Why would you do this ? is their some benift that im missing ? for example ? struct vector3d { float X, Y, Z; inline vector3d( void ) {} inline vector3d( const float x, const float y, const float z ) { X = x; Y = y; Z = z; } inline vector3d operator + ( const vector3d& A ) const { return vector3d( X + A.X, Y + A.Y, Z + A.Z ); } inline vector3d operator + ( const float A ) const { return vector3d( X + A, Y + A, Z + A ); } inline float Dot( const vector3d& A ) const { return A.X*X + A.Y*Y + A.Z*Z; } };

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In structs the emphasis is on data. C++ lets you associate code with structs because you may have some initialization or termination to run during its lifetime.

As for your question: the benefit is accessing the struct members directly. Just don''t go too far with the public thing.

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In C++ the only difference between a struct and a class is that the default access-level of members is "public" for a struct and "private" for a class. That''s it.
In C, of course, you don''t have classes, and structs can only have data in them, and no methods.


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