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Terrain Modelling and SetIndices(...)

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I have a problem using SetIndices. I have a grid X by Y which represents my terrain as a set of coordinates {x,y,z} and color (for representing height). Thats no problem. Because it is inneficient to display ALL the quads for the terrain at any one time I am implementing a Level Of Detail (LOD) algorithm. Goes something like this. If at a far enough distance I will draw a single quad that holds 16 x 16 terrain tiles, a little closer 8 x 8 and so on. So if my terrain is 128 by 128 tiles (meaning 129 by 129 vertices) at the lowest LOD the top left quad indices are (assuming a triangle list and not a strip) 2064,0,2065 and 0,1,2065. (this covers 16x16 terrain tiles) Okay.... If I want to use the same indeces BUT move over by 16 tiles I should be able to do this: SetIndices(m_pIB,16) BUT.... when I call: DrawIndexedBuffer(D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST,0,16641,2) I get ''Streams do not have required number of vertices'' from DirectX (Debug mode, max output) But if I: SetIndices(m_pIB,0) It works!!! Can anyone shed some light? I have tried a multiptude of variations, but to no effect. Thanx in advance. D.V.

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