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Maya 2010 move tool problem

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I've ran into an odd problem. When I try to translate (move) any part of a mesh (vertex, face, edge, etc; other than as a whole (IE: NOT in object mode)) along the X-axis, it scales the parts rather than moving them. If I'm in object mode or moving along the Y or Z-axis, I can move the mesh or its parts just fine. I've tried restarting Maya, my computer and just making a new scene; but the problem persists, leading me to think I've accidentally changed a setting somewhere. I spent about 2 hours searching the Autodesk website and Google but I haven't found anything to help me fix this.

I figured it out, under the move tool options; I somehow enabled the 'reflection' property (which actually makes sense in hindsight). That'll teach me to stay up till 2 in the morning :)

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