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[Q] Howto register function with variable number of argument ?

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Hi. Recently I got a problem implementing function with variable number of arguments. For example

In Angelscript:
int nA, nB;
float fC;
Print( nA );
Print(nB, fC, 'HaHa' );
In this case, there should be multiple c++ implementations of function "Print". This is not good.

It seems that the "asCALL_GENERIC" and "asIScriptGeneric" are meant to deal with this problem, but I still have problem with registering the function. RegisterGlobalFunction (or RegisterObjectMethod) still reqires a full list of parameter definitions. In one word, asCALL_GENERIC still does not allow runtime argument identification.

The question is if I want to do this trick, which way should I go?

PS: Sorry for my poor English.

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I haven't implemented support for functions with variable number of arguments yet, it's on my to-do list though. The only way of doing it right now is to register different versions of the function. They could all point to the same generic function though so the function doesn't actually have to be implemented multiple times.

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