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oNeil: Atmospheric scattering not working properly

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Im actually trying to get atmospheric scattering working in my program. I use the glsl shaders, which are released by oNeil. But something is not right and i get bad results. I have attached them to this posting.

I have read alot about people having trouble with these shaders, especially with finding the right parameter settings. so i think this might be my problem, too. So here are my parameters. They are so far exactly the same as in oNeils test program.


m_nSamples = 10; // Number of sample rays to use in integral equation
m_Kr = 0.0025f; // Rayleigh scattering constant
m_Kr4PI = m_Kr*4.0f*3.1415;
m_Km = 0.0015f; // Mie scattering constant
m_Km4PI = m_Km*4.0f*3.1415;
m_ESun = 15.0f; // Sun brightness constant
m_g = -0.95f; // The Mie phase asymmetry factor

m_fInnerRadius = 10.0f;
m_fOuterRadius = 10.25f;
m_fScale = 1 / (m_fOuterRadius - m_fInnerRadius);

m_fWavelength[0] = 0.650f; // 650 nm for red
m_fWavelength[1] = 0.570f; // 570 nm for green
m_fWavelength[2] = 0.475f; // 475 nm for blue
m_fWavelength4[0] = powf(m_fWavelength[0], 4.0f);
m_fWavelength4[1] = powf(m_fWavelength[1], 4.0f);
m_fWavelength4[2] = powf(m_fWavelength[2], 4.0f);

m_fRayleighScaleDepth = 0.25f;
m_fMieScaleDepth = 0.1f;

I have added some extra code to pass in the correct camera position:

float x = -GlobalInformation::xdist;
float y = -GlobalInformation::ydist;
float z = -GlobalInformation::zdist;

float mag = sqrt(x*x+y*y+z*z); //magnitude
float mag2 = mag*mag; //squared magnitude

There is another thing odd: When i change the parameters, it seems to has no effect on the rendering.

Do you have any suggestions what might be wrong?


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