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OpenGL OpenGL Draw lines and render them in perspective

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Hi all, this is my first post, and i'm learning OpenGL, and to do so, i wanted to start a project...

Basically, i'm developing an android app that eventually (i hope :P) will be somehting like this[0] but using data from OpenStreetMap.

I'm currently stuck with the street rendering.

As i have vertex coordinates (latitude and longitude of the nodes that form the street) i started using them to render the streets using GL_LINE_STRIP.
Also, using glLineWidth so they look like streets instead of pathways :P

When i got familiar with that, i started to play with the gluLookAt function... and here is where my problems started. Lines do not play nice with perspective.

As i found reading other forums and every result google gave me, i have no option but to use GL_QUADS to render rectangles that look like lines.

This sounded logical, until i started to think in all different shapes that a street can have. That's why i'm here, seeking for advice.

How can i think this ? how can i get the needed vertex to draw the quad, based on the information that i do have ? also, is there any other way of doing what i want to do ? or rendering the quads is the only way ?

I'm attaching an image to explain a little better. The blue dots are the data i have (coords for the x and y position of each vertex), the red dots are the ones i need to figure out where to place them so i can render the quad (being the grey parts in the image)

Hope someone can give me some pointers because i'm a bit lost here :(

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards

[0] - http://media.shinyplastic.com/prodimg/garmin-885t.jpg

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Given the input data you have, you can compute the mesh data procedurally. (If the minimum interior angle allowed is ~90 degrees, and if the width is relatively small relative to the segment lengths, the process is actually fairly straightforward.)

I don't know how this fits in with the Android side of things, but in theory at least, the geometry you're looking for can easily be generated with a little vector math.

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