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LNK1104: d3dx10.h

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Hello Guys,

i just wanted to start, playing a little bit with DirectX 10 and using this tutorial. "The Finished Program"
Theres the actual code (Show Code).

First thing VS said to me that it doesnt found the d3dx10.h, so i linked it manually. But as i try to debug it,
VS comes up with "LINK : fatal error LNK1104: Date "d3dx10.h" couldn't be open."

I already copied the dir to another place, if there was really a read restriction, didn't helped ...

Anybody an idea?

(sorry for my crappy english)(only found a related prob with *.lib ...)

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You don't link against headers. Linking is done with libraries or object files. You include header files. If the preprocessor can't find a particular header file you add the directory that contains the header file to the search path. The best way to do that depends on which version of Visual Studio you are using.

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