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[DX 9] Issues with Camera

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Hey there!

Im facing a problem with my camera i cannot explain by myself so im asking here!

First ill describe what happens:
My camera at the moment has implemented 3 movements. Backwards and forwards, left and right and yawing. So far moving backwards and forwards and left and right works like a charm and very fluently but yawing sometimes does some sort of hopping. The camera yaws fluently and suddenly it makes a little jump and again yaws fluently. During the whole yawing frame rate is sticked at 60 FPS as its when moving in the other directions which are not "hopping". When i go to fullscreen this effect is a little bit less visible.

The code that yaws the camera looks like that:

if(m_speedYaw != 0.0f)
m_matRot.SetRotationY(D3DXToRadian(frameDiff * m_speedYaw));
Vector3 vd = m_tar - m_pos;
vd = m_matRot * vd;
m_tar = m_pos + vd;
m_up = m_matRot * m_up;
m_right = m_matRot * m_right;
m_speedFB = m_matRot * m_speedFB;

viewChanged = true;


Does anyone of you know what could be the reason why it hops there and doesnt with other movements?


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