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flight game prototype- design feedback

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Hi all! this is a new prototype I'm working on, and I really need some gameplay design feedback please.. what do you have trouble with, and what would you change to make it more fun? I've got too close to it and its hard to see the wood for the trees right now. Some fellow designer feedback would be awesome :)

pix: note, colour scheme is semi random to represent different random planets. hit backspace to restart and try another scheme

download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8878789/TGOD_v30.zip

Throttle up/down: W,S (once throttle is at max, keep holding W to fire boost)
Roll ship: A,D
look/aim: mouse
fire gun: left mouse button
fire missile: rmb

1. the bar along the bottom fills as you get points, the level ends when you fill it completely
2. different activities earn points: killing enemies, destroying the large blue 'bases', and collecting ground-scattered pickups
3. at any one time, one of these goals is selected for a 5x points multiplier.. This changes periodically. Displayed top left (and targets appear ingame over bonus goals)
4. to kill the blue ball 'bases'- destroy one or more of the surrounding purple ball 'generators', which feed its shields. When a base has 4 generators it is invincible, but with no generators it dies very quickly. You can actually kill the base when it has 3, but it will take a while. thanks for taking a look :)

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Hello fellow game designer,

I have checked out your flight prototype game. The color scheme is interesting but as you and I have seen going below the tree line does present a blotchy black dot look partial or all over the screen. Hard to tell where the floor or ground as it were ends up at unless you know what your looking for. I have notice that when You hit the ground and the buildings you don't crash but the ship tends to bounce off and the ship's shadow can be seen.

The enemy ships tends to do circle patterns from what I have seen. Not sure if the enemy ships do different flight patterns or not. I checked out up to three different color schemes for the planets. It started out as a blue sky, then pink and then green sky. If you have a green sky, please make the ground a different color. It was difficult to figure out which way was up.

My frame rate on the screen was like half speed. To make this sound better lets say it was jumping a frame a second until I caught up with the enemy ships but it wasn't smooth. But this is just a prototype version. Could be my computer or the program. No biggy. Can be fixed.

In later levels or if new ships appears will the ships change or stay the same ship type from the beginning?
The ship you use to fly is neat looking.

Firing the gun and missile.

These looked the same. Except for firing the rmb and rapid shot with the gun. The disks that are being shot should do different things.

Gun: while held down it is fired automatically
Missile: when fire it takes a few seconds to reload, which is what I have seen.

If you have different missiles in the later part of the game:
1) Stone Missile : Makes enemy ship hard like a stone and crashes to the ground.

2) Electrical Missile : If enemy ships are in a line at any one time and the electrical missile hits any of the ships in line, there is a electrical charge that surges through out the line or in that part of the enemy area radius

3) Acid particle missile : This description is self explanatory. This missile eats the hull of the ship.

These missile ideas is all I can think of for now unless you are going for a variety of missile packs or upgrades.

Other notes:

Will there be a cloud cover to go above or below to the ground to verify how far the player can go upward or to tell the player how far below he or she can go before crashing?

What about city fly by or flying through the jungles? Will these be incorporated in the new levels of different planets?

Will there be a story to read for the characters or just click and play the game to see how far the players can get up to?

Any enemy bosses to conquer at the end of the bar level being completed?

With these small ideas, concept or suggestions if made or not the game you have is very well implemented. Keep up the great work.

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