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is there a way to sync side and forward movement

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hi i just added delta time to my movement
but my strafe and move velocities still have to be very diferent
because strafing is so much slower than movement
why does this happen first off
what about the view angle that makes this slower
and is there a way to type in the same number for strafe_speed and movement_speed
and have both movements the same speed?
i think this is also the same for the rotation view
like the x rotation is faster than the y rotation or vise versa
and i noticed that while the side and forward movements were in fact in sync in quake3
the rotation from left to right was not the same as up and down
plz helppppppp :D
at least i added delta time whew that almost killed me
now i have a teapot rotating and bouncing at 1 interval / second so thats very nice
but im tired of looking at my green teapot already

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Of course it's possible to set them to the same value... simply assign the same value to each...

If you're asking this sort of question, it seems to me that you should consider studying the basics of programming a bit more before proceeding with whatever it is you're trying to do. I would recommend finding a book or tutorials aimed at beginners and going through the introductory topics again, practising with simple console (i.e. text-based) programs. It would probably also help to do some basic study of maths topics such as algebra and trigonometry, and from the sound of what you're trying to do perhaps some simple physics -- classical mechanics should be just fine. You should then be able to solve these problems by yourself with little difficulty.

As to your current question, I don''t actually understand what your difficulty is -- you should simply be able to assign the same values to each of those if I understand you correctly -- if there's some additional difficulty you'll need to explain the problem more clearly.

On a side-note, you don't need to and probably shouldn't wrap your text manually (i.e. press return/enter at the end of each line) when posting here. The forum software handles this automatically, and your posts are really hard to read. Sentences should start with a capitol letter, and should end with a period. People don't expect you to type perfectly, but if we can see that you're at least trying people will probably be more happy to try to help you.

I'm also moving this topic to For Beginners.

Good luck, and I hope some of that helps you! [img][/img]

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I was assuming you weren't a native english speaker, but I had a peak at some of your other posts and notice that you have been asked to type properly before and claim that you are
[list=1][*]Actually good at english (i.e. you did well in school, and can type properly if you choose)[*]Typing poorly [i]on purpose[/i].[/list]
[b]Consider this an official instruction from a moderator that you are to put in an effort and [i]try[/i] to type properly.[/b] If you want our members to help you learn you need to show them some respect, and that means putting in a minimal amount of effort to communicate clearly. Some of your posts are [i]really[/i] hard to understand, and simply typing properly will go a long way towards fixing that. Again, things don't have to be perfect, but you're currently not trying at all, and in fact claim to be typing poorly on purpose, which is simply ridiculous, and disrespectful to those you're asking to help you.

[b]If you do not put in an effort to type properly I will simply close your topics.[/b]

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Do [b]NOT[/b] swear at a moderator, or for that matter anyone else here. People here are volunteering their time to help you out, and I whilst I believe I'm justified in asking you to show a little respect we actually have rules against swearing at or insulting other members.

I'm going to close this topic now, and I'm going to let this one go -- I'm going to assume you answered in the heat-of-the-moment and let your emotions get to you, and that you'll follow what I believe to be a reasonable instruction in future -- I would hope that you're able to take this as an opportunity to improve your behaviour and still be able to get help from our community. I'm not going to close or ban your account -- please don't abuse this.

We really are happy to give people some lee-way when they aren't native english speakers, and even then we won't make a fuss over a few mistakes. You're not trying at all, and you claim that you're doing it on purpose. This is simply ridiculous, and you aren't going to get anywhere in the real world with that sort of behaviour.

I would [i]suggest[/i] you take a step back and wait for your emotions to settle before making any more posts, and hope that your next one shows some effort to type properly and get along with others.

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