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The Universal Network v1.0

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The Universal Network


[font="Book Antiqua"]

Here is the link to the brand new website for this game:

[font="Book Antiqua"]http://theuniversalnetworkvideogamehub.webs.com/[/font]

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Here are a few screenshots from the newest edition, play it in slideshow (since it has a music soundtrack):

[font="Book Antiqua"]http://theuniversalnetworkvideogamehub.webs.com/apps/photos/[/font]

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Version 1.5 will be coming out soon, it will have the fixes for the glitches in this version. The game will be revamped so look forward to it :)[/font]

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Newest videos for version 1.5:


[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#ff0000"][/font]

[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#ff0000"][/font]

[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#ff0000"]Older videos (version 1.0)[/font]

[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#800080"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=uO9dwNyYiE8[/font]

[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#800080"]


[font="Book Antiqua"]Download Link: [/font][font="Book Antiqua"][color="#ff8c00"]http://www.filefactory.com/file/b5730dg/n/The_Universal_Network_v1.0_Installer.exe[/font]

[font="Book Antiqua"]If that is downloading too slow, try here:[color="#ff8c00"] [/font][font="Book Antiqua"][color="#ff8c00"]http://www.demonoid....2554450/1793481[/font]

[font="Book Antiqua"]This is Dizzy Media Inc.'s Support line -Skype: dizzy.media.inc
If you encounter any errors or non-working parts of the game please send a message here, you can also receive updates via download here.
When the updates are available you will be notified if in contact lists.

[/font][font="Book Antiqua"][size="6"][color="#ff0000"]GAME PLOT:
"The Universal Network" is a game that places you in the body of a young boy who's life at home is miserable, he decides to leave home and search far and wide for the answers to life. Before he gets the chance to leave a life form from another dimension/realm calls to him telling him that "The Universal Network" needs his help, life and existence for all dimensions/realms were being threatened to the brink of non-existence. This life form transports him to another dimension and there his journey begins.
During the game many people guide you along the way to find skills needed in order to save not only you're universe but the universes that expand throught existence itself.

[font="Book Antiqua"]
This game was created by: [size="4"][color="#48d1cc"]Dizzy Media Inc.
All rights to game design and game plot goes to [size="4"][color="#48d1cc"]Dizzy Media Inc.,
you are allowed to play the game at you're own free will.
This game might not work on everyones computer so if you encounter problems, keep this in mind.

Music in this game did not come free and is not re-distributional,
neither are the graphics, scripts, characters, etc.

This game has been brought to you for free, please do not abuse the right to play this video game. By accepting this agreement you are stating that you will not copy any material from this game in any manner. You also agree not to distribute this game in any fashion that will generate income or benefit you in any way other then sharing a great game with friends.

[size="7"][color="#00ff00"]~~Jeremy S. (Owner of Dizzy Inc.)~~[/font]

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