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Onverse - Free MMO/Virtual World/Social Network/FPS Games

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Hi all,

I'm here to help spread the word about a game myself and 2 friends have been developing for 3 years now. It's public now and free-to-play.

Onverse (The Online Universe) is a social MMO (virtual world) connected to a web social network that is all about hanging out, chatting, playing games, exploring for points, shopping, home decorating and avatar customization. It's been public for 1.5 years now. We've had over 200k people sign up so far, all from word of mouth due to being an indie studio that hasn't been blessed with funding... yet. I hope you can see why I am here to spout a bit :).

It's a freemium game, but about 50% of the furniture, clothing, pets and tools can be obtained through collecting points via exploration and playing the 2 FPS games (IceFall and Splatball) that are accessible within the world. Recently we slashed our housing prices dramatically and added much larger options purchaseable through the free points.

The world is not user generated, everything to-date has been created by us, but we do allow people to buy large plots of land and build with the thousands of building blocks and furniture that we have.

The idea is to have this central virtual world community be the centerpiece for our game studio so we can develop games on all manner of platforms, but always have some sort of tie back to the community to bring back points, pets, codes, or whatever else.

Hopefully you can check it out and feel free to give us your feedback. We have a ton of interaction with our comunity on our forums and in-game, even creating tons of item requests via our Item Factory forum.

Thanks for listening!

Steve Pierce
CEO - Onverse
www.onverse.com <- Not positive if this is cool, feel free to remove or I will if asked.


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