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Linking DirectX10 in Visual C++ Express 2010

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I wanted to get started with DirectX, but I just can't seem to link the files I need. The d3d10.h seems to be linked automatically and I can include it, but I don't know how to make it find d3dx10.h. All the instructions I find speak of some "Property Manager" but the best I can find is a "Properties Window". Can someone please offer me some clear instructions on what to do?

On a related note, is it possible to link the files in such a way that I can send my code and the used libraries to someone else and they would be able to compile it right away?

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1.) For all of this make sure you are have the overall project selected in the Solution Explorer menu on the left and not one of the sub folders or files.

2.) Go to Project -> Project Properties -> Configuration Properties and select the All Configurations option for Configuration at the top of the window.

3.) In the same window go to Configuration Properties -> C/C++ and in the Additional Include Directories option write "$(DXSDK_DIR)include".

4.) Then also in Configuration Properties go to Linker and in the Additional Library Directories option write "$(DXSDK_DIR)lib\x86"

5.) You will need to include the headers in your code as usual

6.) Also in your code pragma comment the lib files like [code]#pragma comment(lib, "D3D11.lib")[/code]

Well, the above 6 steps is what works for me at least.

As to your related question, I don't think that's possible.

EDIT: made the instructions a bit clearer.

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