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3D Cartoon Game - Design Treatment (Feedback Appreciated)

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Hello, everyone!

I've been having this idea of a simple and fun 3D cartoon action-adventure game for a while and a couple of days ago I managed to put it together in a Design Treatment. My plan is to actually end up with a playable result at some point (with the help of an indie team), so I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Anyway, feel free to give feedback, ask questions, or make any suggestions you'd like. What I'm looking forward to know especially is if the fun factor of this game will make up good enough for the (almost) lack of purpose and, therefore, if you'd play it just for being fun. Thank you in advance!

Fat vs. Zombies (Working Title)

Design Treatment, Version 1.0

February 17, 2011

© 2011 Florin Anghel

Basic Game Concept

Fat vs. Zombies is a cartoon game where a fat and apparently clumsy character (that the player controls) has to save the world from a zombie invasion. Fun events throughout the game capture the player’s attention, while the lack of sense in the game world entertains him in a way never-before seen. When the zombies turn out to be even clumsier than the main character, a feeling of relaxation sets in the player’s mind.

But the game does not lack challenges, as with time the zombies learn to group and organize in a hierarchy, from ordinary soldiers, to special troops and even highly protected leaders. The fun factor together with the slightly challenging gameplay will be enough to hold the player captive in the immersive world of fictional characters and events.

Look and Feel

Fat vs. Zombies is a 3D cartoon Third-Person POV action-adventure game with fun events, characters and gameplay. The almost realistic world hides not-so-ordinary secrets all over the place, in more or less visible places, making the words “Easter eggs” seem out of place, as the entire game world is a massive Easter egg itself. But the visual part of the game is not the only one entertaining the user, fun music and hilarious voiceovers playing a big role in Fat vs. Zombies.


Fat vs. Zombies is not a story-based game like most productions nowadays. As its main focus stands on providing the player a fun, even senseless experience, it could be called a gameplay-based game.

The player controls the main character using either a standard keyboard layout (arrow keys or WASD for walking, mouse for camera control and player direction, space for jumping etc.) or a gamepad. A minimal set of keys/buttons is used for controlling the character in order to allow instant playing capabilities with little to no need of a training session beforehand.

The character interacts mostly with the enemy NPCs and the items they drop when they die (HP boosters and special abilities). Other interactions involve doors, breakables (glass, wood, unstable walls) and triggers that users are not directly aware of (i.e. enemy spawns).

The player receives a series of objectives (as verbal suggestions from the character), such as killing all the zombies in a specific area and, later on in the game, destroying the zombies’ source of energy.

Mechanics Overview

The game’s mechanics are very basic. As mentioned above, the player controls are kept to a minimum. The combat system is not very complex either. The character can only perform a couple of basic direct attacks (hitting and kicking), the rest of the attacks (special abilities) being performed without the need of direct interaction with the enemy. The AI is similar to all of the enemies, the main difference being in the amount of HP they take from the character, followed by their speed. Simple physics are sufficient for all of the actions in the game.

Target Audience

This game is designed for children and adults, male and female alike. It does not contain any explicit or suggestive material, so it can be played by absolutely anyone. Even though its main theme is zombies, these characters are not displayed in a manner that may affect young children. Parents’ approval is still recommended for children aged 12 or below.

Platforms and Technology

Fat vs. Zombies can be created using any decent 3D engine that accepts shaders (required for implementing the cartoon look of the game). Similarly, any free or commercial physics and sound libraries can be used, as they are only needed for basic tasks.

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I can see these mothers buying it for Christmast for their young sons so they can play it together. I can see these teenagers waiting eagery for a non violent no blood non horror zombie game :)

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I can see these mothers buying it for Christmast for their young sons so they can play it together. I can see these teenagers waiting eagery for a non violent no blood non horror zombie game :)

I'm not sure if the lack of blood would be enough to make it a family game. :D

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