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Server side AI

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I was wondering what the best way to handle AI would be? I am using Lidgren for the networking. Here is what I was thinking of doing:

Region Server - Headless Unity Server - Controls the Physics simulation and Player Movement for a small Region.

AI Server - Headless Unity Server - Connects to the Region Server just like a client and Handles a portion of the AI Entities for the region. You can have as many AI Servers as you want so you can have some advanced AI Actions.

Features Server - Console Server - Handles all other features of the game for the Region. Connects to the Region Server.

Client - Unity3D based Standalone Client - Connects to the Region Server. All messages are passed to the Region server where they are then sent to which ever server handles the Intended Game Feature.
(For example if it was a Combat Message that the client sent to the Region Server it would be passed on to the Features Server for it to be handled there.)

My problem with doing it this way is that I tested a fairly basic Client in headless mode and my CPU was at 100%. For development I am running the server and client on the same machine. There would be no way I could have 2 Headless Servers, a Console Server, and a Client running all at the same time on my PC!

What other ways are there to handle AI and Physics on the server?

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Why wouldn't it consume 100%? If you're having issues like this and you're set out to make an MMO, then maybe you should set smaller goals.

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