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3rd person camera

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Hello all,
In all the games I've worked on before, I've always used a 1st person, fps style camera. So, I'm well familiar with the fundamental mathematics of creating and updating a camera.

However, I've recently inherited a project which is in 3rd person, and one of my jobs is to work on the camera system. There is a pretty functional 3rd person camera there, so I probably won't make dramatic changes or anything, but 3rd person cameras are still something I've never done before. Right now before I plan what I'm doing I'm conducting a literature review to see what all is out there and I was wondering if anyone with more experience can point me to the "canonical" works on this subject while I conduct my own searches.

I'm looking for:
1) Articles on the technical issues 3rd person perspectives entail. Eg, making sure that the camera avoids obstacles, doesn't obstruct the player, always shows important objects, etc.

2) Use of camera perspectives from a more artistic standpoint. Ways to use camera perspectives to communicate information and emotion to the audience. I'm sure there's tons of resources from the film industry on this subject.

I would appreciate any help in this matter.


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In regards to your second question, [url=""]Digital Lighting And Rendering[/url] is a great text on all aspects of modern graphics. Eschewing code altogether, it covers things from an artist's perspective, including color, shape, light, shadow, and more. I highly recommend it.

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