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Order of post-processing passes in pipeline?

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For my rendering pipeline, I am using encoded RGBA8 buffers wherever possible. Currently, I am considering this order for all the passes:
[list=1][*]G-Buffer prepass[*]Light accumulation[*]SSAO[*]Material (output motion vectors with MRT)[*]Refractive (written to a separate buffer, then overwrites material buffer)[*]EdgeAA[*]Depth of Field[*]Motion Blur[*]Translucency (accumulated in a separate buffer, applies its own fog)[*]Fog (also applies translucency buffer)[*]Generate Bloom[*]Apply Bloom, Tonemapping, & Color Correction[/list][b]
Right now, I have concerns about ordering post-passes that involve blurring (Motion Blur, Depth of Field, EdgeAA, etc) or that overwrite other parts of the buffer (volume lighting, bloom, translucency, etc).
[list=1][*]Blur passes introducing artifacts into each other[list][*]ex. Motion Blur then Depth of Field blurring the streaks[/list][*]Overwrite passes happening before blur passes[list][*]ex. Translucency incorrectly blurred[/list][list][*]ex. Fog blurring artifacts with EdgeAA[/list][*]Overwrite passes happening after blurring passes[list][*]ex. Translucency being sharp on blurred background[/list][/list][b]Questions:[/b]
Any insights from prior work would be most appreciated.
[list=1][*]Can you comment on my current proposed ordering of passes? Any potential problems, artifacts it will introduce?[*]Can you offer you own proposed ordering? Any potential problems, artifacts it will introduce?[/list]
Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. Thanks. ;)

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