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QRegExp doubt !

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QRegExp rxp;

case1 :: rxp.setPattern(val);
case2 :: rxp.setPattern("^" + val + "$");

suppose val is [cc dd]

now if my input string to be matched is dd , it matches in case1 but not in case2 ..

can someone tell why >>

thanks in advance

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I don't know QRegExp, but I will assume it follows the same regex rules as Perl (or close to it). Apologies if it what I say is not correct.

Anyway, when you use brackets '[]', it only matches a single literal character in the brace. So val = [cc dd] means, "match a 'c', a 'd', or a space".

This works in the first case, because it says "oh, I see a single d, I match".

In the second case, you're saying "there must be one and only one character between the start and end, either c, d, or space, which isn't true for "dd".

If you want to match "cc" or "dd", you want something like this: val = (cc|dd)

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