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which is less code bump or parallax mapping?

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why is GLSL so complicated?
why cant i just do include glsl_shading_garbage.h or whatever
and all the wrappers already be prewritten?
i am doing some simple bullet holes
and i got the black and white bullet mark image
so i looked at quake3 code and did the putting the quad on the wall w that texture rather quickly
but the rest of the code dives into a syscall to draw the quad and shading it is in there too
and obviosly even my nifty linux find functions in files searching skills didnt help me find the dam syscall of the quad drawing function
so i was able to place and texture the dam quad on my own
now i am stuck w a dam black and white bullet hole lol
but it should be transparent w depth hahaha
so i am looking at the bump mapping tutorial on nehe
and he is dragging all sorts of shading functions which i realy want to keep out of my lil game
i managed to get his code in and to compile with out the extra shading stuff
but now when my bullet holes appear my entire level goes to monochrome and looks like frikken legos
does anyone kno wats up here
is parallax easier to do, less code?
which way do they do it in quake3? HL2?
also i was not able to find anything regarding parallax and opengl online in terms of tutorials only in directX i think
plz helpp!!!!

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First, the nehe lesson 22 isnt using shaders(thus no use for glsl)
Second, parallax is extension of standard bump mapping. In my experience, it's just a few lines of code added to my bump mapping shaders
Third, learn shaders, and write yer own wrapper
Fourth, there's no fourth

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ok im trying to get thru bump mapping
and at least i got the new shader extensions glext.h compiling now
now there asking me to drag in SDL lib which i dont want
this is to convert a bmp to rgb wtffff!
are they even bump mapping the bullet marks in quake3?
arent they just making the black and white bullet mark image transparent?
how would i do that at least?

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actually i dont think i need SDL lib because he is using that to load bmp maps and i can already load all kinds of formats with stb_image lib im guessing i can convert to rgb w it somehow too also in tutorial there are 2 images the bumpmap image black and white and the actual image in color and in the code i additionally see a inverse bump as well do i need that inverse part? also im skipping mulitexturing since that didnt really change how the demo cube looked but in my case i only have the bump image and im guessing the actual image for me would be the wall texture behind the bullet hole poly in which case im really confused now

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