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WM_LBUTTONDOWN and Interpreting its wParam

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It mentions that the wParam indicates what virtual keys are down. It can be one OR MORE of the values.

So I assume that means it's a bitmask, it looks like it anyway, but how would I extract the information for each key?

Let's say if I wanted to know if MK_CONTROL was down (while others could potentially also be down), what's the best way of doing that?
Should I... take MK_CONTROL, then bitwise AND it with wParam and if the result equals MK_CONTROL then MK_CONTROL is down?
Is there another way?

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Cool, got it working there too.

One more question though: I know WM_KEYDOWN repeats if a key is held, but does WM_LBUTTONDOWN do the same thing?

The lParam is WM_KEYDOWN lets you know if it was held but I don't see anything like that on MSDN for WM_LBUTTONDOWN so it seems like it doesn't.

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