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Problems loading a Bitmap from memory

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Hi Guys, hopefully you can help me out as I have hit a brick wall and 'Dr. Google' isn't being of great help. :unsure:

I have a Win32 application in C++, where I have manually loaded a bitmap into memory. I know you can use LoadImage() etc.. But, I need it to be done this way for the (future) purpose of my application.

I have gotten to the point where my Bitmap is in memory but am having problems drawing it to the screen.

Here is my WM_PAINT code

case WM_PAINT:
// LPBITMAPINFO lpbi=NULL; // bitmap format info; used by GetDIBits
// LPVOID lpvBits=NULL; // pointer to bitmap bits array
// BITMAPFILEHEADER bmfh; // .bmp file header
// *********************************************

BITMAP hBitmap;

HDC hdc=BeginPaint(hWnd,&ps);

HDC hdcMem=CreateCompatibleDC(hdc);



SelectObject(hdcMem,hbmOld); // Not sure what to do here also...


But when I compile I get the following errors;

error C2664: 'CreateDIBSection' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'LPBITMAPINFO *' to 'const BITMAPINFO *'
error C2664: 'SetDIBits' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'BITMAP' to 'HBITMAP'

[size="1"]Any help would be absolutly awesome! B)

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The first error says that parameter 2 of CreateDIBSection should be a pointer, not a pointer-to-a-pointer. Change "&lpbi" to "lpbi".

Also, CreateDIBSection returns a HBITMAP, not a BITMAP, so change "BITMAP hBitmap;" to "HBITMAP hBitmap;"

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Thanks for your help.

Things are a little better but changing BITMAP to HBITMAP breaks the [color="#660066"]BitBlt[color="#666600"]() [color="#000000"]function.

error C2228: left of '.bmWidth' must have class/struct/union

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Try not to create all your stuff over and over every time you draw a frame, just do it once at creation and destroy it when you close.

The simplest way (and probably the fastest?) to draw a bitmap is to convert it to a 32 bit one after you load it and you can just do one memcpy per line.

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It looks like you may have another problem. Do you have lpbi = new BITMAPINFO somewhere? I.e., do you actually create the structure somewhere? GetDIBits needs a pointer to a structure to fill out, not just a pointer.

Normally one would declare BITMAPINFO bmi and pass &bmi for the required LPBITMAPINFO and BITMAPINFO* arguments in the various function calls.

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