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Socket server for 2D MMO

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[font="Trebuchet MS"][size="3"][size=3]I'm starting to code a 2D browser multiplayer game consisting of a city with many kinds of transports (metro, buses, tunnels), players using those transports and having some interaction between them.[/size][size=3]
[/size][size=3]I have started the client side in Actionscript, server side in PHP (but now i'm moving to Java) and persistence in MySQL.[/size][size=3]
[/size][size=3]I have many questions :[/size][size=3]
[/size][list][*][size=3]Which socket server (non commercial) will be preferable, RedDwarf (former DarkStar), Red5, ... ?[/size][*][size=3]Those servers are Flash Remoting (AMF) capable ?[/size][*][size=3]Those servers manage all the object's game persistence? Then there's no need to create a database ?[/size][/list][/size][/font]

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