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Assertion in stringstream?

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I''ve started getting debug assertions on my fps display code which uses a stringstream to combine my text and numbers. I poked around and found that the assertion seems to appear on this line : std::stringstream temp; Not much to go wrong is there... I''m not out of memory... Can anyone think of why this would occur, about every 30 seconds that the application runs(this part of the code runs only once per second). Oh, I''m using VC7(.net). Is there a better way of putting my int in a string? Many thanks

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I know of a simple way to put an int into a string but I don't know what's causing you that error. Here goes

char string[80];
int number=4;

sprintf(string,"I've put the number %d, into my string",number);

this show make the string: string read as:

I've put the number 4, into my string

this function sprintf is part of the C library and the header file for this u should include is


I hope I helped

Dark Star

Edited by - Dark Star on September 5, 2001 11:27:57 AM

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Sometimes (at least with MSVC 6.0), the assertion is actually on the line before where the green arrow appears in the debugger.

Does this function only crash after a certain time? It sounds from your post like this line is being run successfully a number of times, and then crashes later. If that''s the case, you may have a wild pointer or something. I''d set a breakpoint and step through--you should be able to see exactly what the assertion is since STL source is available.

I haven''t seen that kind of behavior from stringstream before.

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