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Playground example.

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You probably realize the bugs that are in playground, but I just want to make sure that none of these are unique to me. 1. The particle systems don''t work right. The blood and exlosion animations update a few frames then stop, leaving a mid-animation thing in the air. 2. The health makes no sense. It seems to go up and down randomly. I squished myself and it went down to 87, I shot a grenade at myself and it went down from 87 to 34. I crushed myself again and it went UP to 66. 3. The platform doesn''t always crush you. 4. Sometimes when I''m riding the platform I suddenly appear on top of the big square in the middle near the corner, but not riding the platform anymore. 5. I don''t think I should go through the platform and appear on top when it crushes me. 6. I slide around on the platform (often falling off). That doesn''t seem right, you should move with the platform. -Rich

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1. Didn''t notice this. Probably because I changed the GetTicks to return floats instead of integers and the particle timing is not working.

2. You only lose health. When you die it resets to full and you respawn on the middle of the platform. There is no crushing it the demo. You can get hurt by falling though.

3. Crushing isn''t implemented at all. If you stand under the moving platform you go through it and then get carried up.

4. You probably fell off the platform and were killed from the fall.

5. Read 3.

6. That''s as far as I got with it. Maybe somebody else will spot what I did wrong.

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