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What exactly happens when a device lost

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Hi all guys, these days I just rewrite my app and now I am rewriting the texture part, and read about every usage of texture type, like D3DUSAGE, D3DPOOL, yeah I am pretty sure that I understand how to use them ,now I am cuirous about some dumb questions ...like how lost device happens..
Let me explain this,(if I am wrong at any place, correct me :P)when we create some resource live on video memory or AGP memory, we will face lost device problem, and I consider thatwhat we lost in d3d9 is the conrol power of video hardware-> we do not lost the exact IDirect3DDevice9 object, but lost the control power that IDirect3DDevice9 object have. Just like we push Ctrl+Tab,we maybe switch to another app need video hardware.
But why these video resource lost? or this is a os behavior, that once a d3d9 app is kicked out into background, those resoure that belongs to it will be destoryed?
but in dx doc, it says: "In Direct3D 9, vertex shaders and pixel shaders don't need to be re-created after reset." That is why ? For example, if launch 2 d3d app, both rendered with shaders(but different), and I switch from one game to another , is that means the shader will be keeped in some other places?

If any buddies can resolve my puzzle, I will be appreciated~~

Best regards,

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