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OpenGL Camera Matrix Calculation...

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I want to replace my Camera class which used gluLookAt with a modernized OpenGL 3 style one...
at first I thought, ok, why not just rewrite gluLookAt... but I quickly realized that with some matrix trickery I shouldn't need to.

My camera stores a position and a set of euler angles (x = pitch, y = yaw, z = roll)

So I thought, if I just follow the rules of transformation, then I should be able to create three matrices...
- third_person_offset_matrix
- rotation_matrix
- translation_matrix

and the camera matrix should just be...
camera_matrix = third_person_offset_matrix * rotation_matrix * translation_matrix;

This works except for one part... my position only gets modified in the axis aligned directions...
so if I press forward but am looking to the right, my camera moves left.

Then I thought, what if I grabbed the view vector from the rotation matrix and used that somehow...
but scrapped that after some trial and error.

I have yet to bust out the graph paper and linear algebra book because I am at work, but figured that this is a common problem...
and after some googling it is, but there are so many implementations and seeing as I'm using OpenGL...
- most answers involve gluLookAt blah...

Here's some code...

void Camera::GenerateCameraMatrices(void){
EG::Base::Math::Transformationf offset_matrix;
EG::Base::Math::Transformationf translation_matrix;
EG::Base::Math::Transformationf rotation_matrix_x;
EG::Base::Math::Transformationf rotation_matrix_y;
//EG::Base::Math::Transformationf rotation_matrix_z;

// Offset (For 3rd Person Cameras)

// Camera Position

// Rotation
rotation_matrix_x.Rotate(rotation.X(), 1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
rotation_matrix_y.Rotate(rotation.Y(), 0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f);
//rotation_matrix_z.Rotate(rotation.Z(), 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);

EG::Base::Math::Transformationf rotation_matrix((/*rotation_matrix_z * */rotation_matrix_x * rotation_matrix_y).Data());
camera_matrix.Set(offset_matrix * rotation_matrix * translation_matrix);

Does anyone have any quick thoughts?

Thanks in advance!! ^_^

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Is this for a FPS or 6DOF style camera?

Why not just store the matrix directly 'as' the camera data instead of storing angles.

Lets take a FPS camera for example. You have one matrix for position/heading, and another matrix for the pitch (because pitch does not effect movement).

When you want to "move forward", you just apply a forward translation to your position matrix.

If you want to "look left", than you just apply a rotation about the Y axis to the position matrix.

When you look up and down this doesn't effect your position at all, so you can store a separate matrix for this.

Then when you want the final camera, it's just :

camera matrix = pitch matrix * position matrix

Then invert the camera matrix to get the view matrix.
You can tweak this if you want 6DOF or other kind of matrix.

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This is pretty much what I'm doing I think... and yes, this is for a standard FPS camera... fore now.

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