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LNK2019: Unresolved external symbol from a function within a function

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Here's the code:

bool InitDirect3D(HWND hWnd, int width, int height, ID3D10Device* pDevice, IDXGISwapChain* pSwapChain, ID3D10RenderTargetView* pTarget)
ZeroMemory(&SwapChain, sizeof(DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC));
SwapChain.BufferCount = 1;
SwapChain.BufferDesc.Format = DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM;
SwapChain.BufferDesc.Height = height;
SwapChain.BufferDesc.RefreshRate.Denominator = 1;
SwapChain.BufferDesc.RefreshRate.Numerator = 60;
SwapChain.BufferDesc.ScanlineOrdering = DXGI_MODE_SCANLINE_ORDER_UNSPECIFIED;
SwapChain.BufferDesc.Width = width;
SwapChain.Flags = NULL;
SwapChain.OutputWindow = hWnd;
SwapChain.SampleDesc.Count = 1;
SwapChain.SampleDesc.Quality = 0;
SwapChain.Windowed = TRUE;

HRESULT hResult = D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain( NULL,
if (FAILED(hResult))
MessageBox(NULL, TEXT("Error: D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain() failed. Hard one, indeed."), TEXT("Error!"), MB_OK);
return false;
ID3D10Texture2D* pBackBuffer;
hResult = pSwapChain->GetBuffer(0, __uuidof(ID3D10Texture2D), (LPVOID*)&pBackBuffer);
if (FAILED(hResult))
MessageBox(NULL, TEXT("Error: GetBuffer() failed. Can't get back buffer."), TEXT("Error!"), MB_OK);
return false;
hResult = pDevice->CreateRenderTargetView(pBackBuffer, NULL, &pTarget);
if (FAILED(hResult))
MessageBox(NULL, TEXT("Error: CreateRenderTargetView() failed. Something's wrong with the back buffer."), TEXT("Error!"), MB_OK);
return false;
pDevice->OMSetRenderTargets(1, &pTarget, NULL);

D3D10_VIEWPORT viewport;
viewport.Height = height;
viewport.MaxDepth = 1.0f;
viewport.MinDepth = 0.0f;
viewport.TopLeftX = 0;
viewport.TopLeftY = 0;
viewport.Width = width;
pDevice->RSSetViewports(1, &viewport);
return true;

And here's a picture:


I tried to make 3 global variables ID3D10Device, IDXGISwapChain and ID3D10RenderTargetView into a local variable, which is shown in the code at the top. And whether those 3 variables are either global, or local, I still get the same LNK2019 errors. How can I get rid of it?

Note that:
1. windows.h is included.
2. d3d10.h is included.
3. d3dx10.h is included.
4. a small window application works if InitDirect3D() (The code at top) is disabled (commented out, etc.). That means all the rest of my code are working normally.
5. The errors only mentioned InitDirect3D() and D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain(), and nothing else.

I hate LNK2019 errors. /VERBOSE, undname.exe, and DUMPBIN.exe just don't seem to give more hints to it. (Especially the undname.exe, the function name is already undecorated in the error list, within the parentheses).

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Are you linking against d3d10.lib (and if you use any of the D3DX... functions d3dx10.lib)?

Yes, I did. It's still the same.



I went around and looked for some clues, and couldn't find anything. People made suggestions, but rechecking it, I have what they suggested already. The Library files are included already, directory came up correct, anything else I missed?

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Don't know if it's applicable (or if it makes a difference): you're in debug mode and linking the release libraries. Try linking to d3dx10d.lib instead of d3dx10.lib.

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Another Google search reveals that when you add a directory to the project properties, especially the library folder, you included all of the library files in that folder. So, adding library files in the "Additional Dependencies" itself is rendered useless, or duplicate of the above settings.

After more searching, I see that DirectX programs are commonly developed in x86 environment. I thought, hm, my operating system is Windows 7 x64, why would I try adding an x86 to the directory when my environment is x64? I'd give it a shot.

So I did, and I run/debug my program, and guess what? It worked.

So, I should ask Microsoft and heed them to add a notice, that the x64 library folder must [color="#ff0000"]depend on x86 library folder. That is, x64 LIB files depend on x86 LIB files, which if not included in the directories of the project properties, it wil cause this LNK2019 error.

Can anyone agree with me?

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