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Great Milenko

Directory Dialog Box

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you''ve all seen those dialog boxs for selecting a directory... like add directory with winamp... or installers use them too... they look like there some kind of common dialog box... I know of the Open/Save As dialog boxes... I''m wondering if the directory one is a command dialog box or not... if its is anyone know where I can get some info on it... if not guess I''ll make my own =) thanx

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Call SHBrowseForFolder() with appropriate Parameters, just look it up in MSDN or your WIN32 API Reference of choice.

Calling SHBrowseForFolder() alone though will only give you the name string of the folder the user selected, but not the full path.

To get that one as well, you have to save the returned value of SHBrowseForFolder and call SHGetPathFromIDList() with this returned value as parameter. (I´m talking about an ITEMIDLIST structure)

You´ll have to include shlobj.h for all of this to work, I guess.

If you have any further questions, don´t hesitate to ask: fcp@aon.at

have fun,

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Now, for the grand prize, answer this question:
How do you set a different starting path with the browse for folder function? (I know you can set the root, that''s almost useless... I want it to pop-up to the last directory they picked, but still let them navigate around the file structure.)

And it *can* be done, I saw a Microsoft App do it.

Magmai Kai Holmlor
- Not For Rent

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