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Middlecrest Roguelike (Alpha)

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Middlecrest (working title) is a roguelike inspired by Daggerfall. The project is currently in an alpha stage and can be downloaded at Sourceforge for testing and for the curious. Current and recent update is 0.2.23.

More screenshots and project information can be found at Rogue Basin.

It's essentially a mini-game at the moment with no win condition. I suppose the only goal is to get to town! :) There is a dungeon (cave-like theme) with monsters, a wilderness area, and a town with shops (can sell items, but can't buy yet).

Implemented Features:

*Basic dungeon, wilderness, and town generation with travel between them
*Item generation (weapons, armor, item condition) both magical and mundane.
*Combat (melee, magical)
*Basic class and races
*Shopkeeper NPC's (selling enabled)
*Stealth mode
*FoV/LoS (can be tested by using the 'f' command in-game)
*Auto-mapping (also tested by using the 'f' command in-game)
*Lua support
*Audeire support (although sound not used yet, just the capability is there)

Coming Soon:

*Random encounters

As an alpha project there are some rough edges. I would appreciate any reports on bugs but feedback on anything is always welcome. I'm the only developer so progress is slow-going :)


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It's been a while since I've updated this thread but wanted to let people know that v0.2.23 is out. Feel free to check it out and give any feedback on bugs and whatever else.

I will endeavor to update more often. Just want to keep the signal to noise ratio down for people who aren't into taking a look at alphas :)

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