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Can I specify DirectDraw output to a certain graphics driver?

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I install two graphics cards on my system, one is Geforce2 gts and the other is Voodoo2, and each connects to a monitor. I wanna output my game''s screen to the monitor connected to Voodoo2. I notice that DirectDrawCreate has the first parameter as a globally unique identifier (GUID) that represents the driver to be created DirectDraw object on. Does it mean I can specify the output direction by specifying this parameter? Do I understand correctly about this parameter? But I don''t know how to use the parameter, for how can I know the GUID of my Voodoo2 driver?

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Look at the DirectX framework which is used by the samples...

You call: DirectDrawEnumerateEx() to get all of the DDraw devices on the system.

The HMONITOR you get lets you determine which monitor an adapter is connected to (do a GetMonitorInfo() and check the flags against MONITORINFOF_PRIMARY to detect primary display).

The LPGUID you get passed is a pointer to a GUID for that particular device, you should copy the data pointed to by the LPGUID to somewhere safe and use that to create the device.

Your callback is also passed two strings with the name and description of the device in.

The usual strategy is to enumerate all the devices, for each one your callback is invoked - you check to see if the caps of the device meet your requirements, if they don''t you skip the device, if they do you save the device name, description and GUID to somewhere safe (a global array of devices for example).
Once the enumerate function returns you display a list of all the suitable devices in the array to the user in a dialog and let them choose which they want to use. Once they select a device from your dialog you pass the GUID for that particular device to DirectDrawCreate

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Note that the Voodoo2 does not support DirectDraw. It is 3D only. The Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo2 are known as secondary display cards because they piggy-back off a standard 2D card.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
thank you all!

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