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graph iterator and importers scene

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I'm creating an importer from some formats (sketchup and collada for now).
CSketchupImporter is a class api that inherits from CReader and CColladaImporter is a class api that inherit also from CReader.
Next i have the CImport that set up the correct api from CSketchupImporter and CColladaImporter and call the api like

CSketchupImporter pApi;
pApi->importVertex(float x, float y, float z);//with polimorphism


CColladaImporter pApi;
pApi->importVertex(float x, float y, float z);//with polimorphism

this is a system for a import framework from multiples formats.

Next the problem:
Each formats have a scenegraph that must be traversed for get all the data , in particular the matrix transform that must be multiplied from parent to child and the geometri and non object (meshes , lights ecc..) that requesting to be read from other section in generally of the document always from the specific api..

Now i must use the scenegraph like a director that set the current object in the api and the CImport gets from the api all the property of the object.

my question is :
Is possible create a custom iterator(like the gof book iterator pattern) that at each call of pApi->Scene()->Next() select the next current item (member vars of the cApi class) in the tree graph of the file and stop?
for ex:

call of pApi->Scene()->Reset()
read the property of the object1,
call of pApi->Scene()->Next()
read the property of the object2,

and so on?

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